2019 - Amanda

Amanda with Jan Wing - former Town Mayor and Dickensian Organiser

Getting ready for the night in our Tudor Sq. office

Amanda and HRC Performing Arts Students

Dress rehearsal for Dickensian 'Street Theatre'

Amanda with her Granddaughters

'On the Night Celebrations'

Amanda with Stuart Barratt (her college Lecturer from HRC)

Stuart introduced Amanda to Jan to be interviewed for the role 'Dickensian Organiser' 

Town Mayor (Nina Villa) visits Amanda and Dickensian Event Staff

Just before the Tudor Sq. Christmas Tree Light Switch

Santa visits Amanda and Nicole before heading into the High Street

Nicole: New Committee Member and Marketing & Communications Coordinator for 2020

Amanda, Stephanie and Charlie (College Friends)

All currently studying HND Stadium & Event Management at HRC Broxbourne

Stephanie and Charlie came along to support Amanda as volunteers for the day 

A very happy Amanda LOVING her new job

Amanda Celebrating

And That's a Wrap!